Our History

Years of experience, capital, professional tools and great support. This is EverTrader.

We started trading over a decade ago

The company is co-founded by a professional investor and trader, Dominik Kovarik, who has been trading on the financial markets since 2008.

Year 2008

Company Formation

In 2014, we founded a company that deals with investing in real estate, shares, and trading.

Year 2014

We provide education

Since 2015, Dominik Kovarik has been providing training to over 11,000 traders and investors.

Year 2015

We are launching the TradeStreet app for retail traders

In 2019, we launched the TradeStreet application, which uncovers unusual market situations using artificial intelligence and helps ordinary retail traders and investors find trading opportunities in markets previously only available to large institutions. This application quickly gained popularity and now has tens of thousands of users around the world.

Year 2019

We founded EverTrader

In January 2022, we launched EverTrader and allowed a small group of traders who had passed our program to trade on an EverAccount for our partner firm.


Now we are looking for more skillful traders who can properly manage risks. We'll provide them with EverAccounts with up to $200,000. In addition to EverAccounts and sharing up to 90% of profits, we provide first-class education with years of experience, professional support 7 days a week, professional tools in EverTrader's own application, and unusual data for finding trading opportunities.

Year 2022

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