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Account size and the main problem of trader under-capitalization

The combination of zero or very little experience, little capital and risk that you don’t yet control puts the novice trader in a position with the worst conditions. They are trying to make a quick buck and multiply their account, and this is what often causes them to lose their account very quickly.

Even if he is already a trader who can trade profitably, understands what he is doing, has proven strategies and knows how to manage risk, as a result of small capital he often breaks Money Management and starts trading more risky than he would with larger capital.

EverTrader and how it can help you

In the EverTrader project we are looking for and training successful traders who will then have the opportunity to trade a ET account with up to 200 000. USD and receive 80-90% of the profits generated.

Thanks to EverTrader:

  • learn to focus on risk with defined boundaries set directly in the platform
  • you don’t risk your earned money and you are not responsible for losses, so you don’t have to be under such psychological stress
  • you will not have the problem of small capital and risky trading, as you will receive capital up to 400 000 USD

They can trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, stock indices or commodities just through CFDs and the trading style and strategy is purely up to the trader. You can read more about what can be traded on the exchange and what are the trading styles in the previous articles.

All information about this project can be found here.

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