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Meet Abdulrazak, a Trader whose journey is a testament to success in the financial markets. Focusing on the XAU/USD pair, also known as Gold/US Dollar, Abdulrazak employs a scalping strategy, capitalizing on short-term price fluctuations. In this video analysis, we’ll explore the secrets behind his triumph. Abdulrazak’s trading success is built on a foundation of […]

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What is Day Trading Day trading, characterized by its dynamic and rapid-paced nature, has garnered the attention of both seasoned professionals and ambitious beginners alike. This article takes a comprehensive dive into the realm of day trading, delving into its intricate strategies, the associated risks that come with its allure, and the essential keys to […]

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In our latest video, we proudly showcase the remarkable achievement of our Trader, Lukasz. During his inaugural trading stint with a funded account, he achieved an impressive profit surge of over 13%. Lukasz’s success stands as a testament to the fact that it’s not always about chasing impressive Risk to Reward ratios to become a […]

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Abdulrazak emerges as a trading virtuoso renowned for his mastery of highly profitable scalping. With years of experience, he navigates the trading landscape with unparalleled precision, making quick trades to capture small price movements and turn them into substantial profits. He also exclusively focuses on trading gold. In this video analysis we gain insight into his […]

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Erik’s focus on three tech giants – Tesla, Apple, and Amazon – further solidifies his trading success. By honing in on these high-profile companies, he leverages his profound understanding of their businesses and market dynamics. Erik’s ability to anticipate industry trends and technological advancements gives him a strategic edge, allowing him to make well-timed trades […]

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Meet Muhammad, an exceptional Day Trader who effortlessly balances a full-time job while thriving during the US Session. With over 12 years of experience in Forex Markets, Muhammad’s journey began with a passion for understanding market intricacies. His dedication and keen market acumen allowed him to trade profitably, managing personal accounts successfully. However, seeking new […]

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