How to insert a custom indicator into MetaTrader 4

In this article, we will go step by step through how to insert a custom indicator into the MetaTrader 4 platform. If you have your indicator, go to the platform and click on File on the top left and select Open Data Folder, see image below. Then click the MQL4 folder. Next, click the Indicators […]

What do you need to make a living trading?

There is no need to have a computer with multiple monitors to start with, you need to focus on one thing at a time, so multiple monitors would be more of a detriment than a benefit. At the moment, a laptop or a classic computer is sufficient. You need to have enough capital to avoid […]

Account size and the main problem of trader under-capitalization

The combination of zero or very little experience, little capital and risk that you don’t yet control puts the novice trader in a position with the worst conditions. They are trying to make a quick buck and multiply their account, and this is what often causes them to lose their account very quickly. Even if […]

How to manage risk? Basics of Money Management

A trader’s goal is first and foremost to protect his capital and profits, not to make money. Making a profit in your next trade is not hard, but the only thing that will make you a successful trader in the long run is the ability to keep the profits. All we have with trading is […]

The psychology of the trader. How to keep emotions under control?

When trading, it is of course important to follow charts, strategies, etc. but the human psyche should not be forgotten. It is this that can contribute significantly to the failure of a deal. Mental resilience is one of the key things on your path to successful trading. There are plenty of traders who can predict […]

Trading styles

Before you start trading, it’s important to make the right choice about which style suits you best. In this article you will find a summary of the trading styles you can practice.   Generally the most profitable business style is swing trading. It is most profitable because the trade usually sticks for several days or […]

What can we trade on the stock exchange?

There are many instruments that can be traded on the stock exchange, so we will summarize them at the beginning and then discuss them in more detail. So you can trade on the stock exchange, for example: Stocks – securities of companies forex – Foreign Exchange (currencies) commodities (futures) – gold, silver, platinum, oil or […]

Who trades on the stock exchange?

It’s always good to know who you’re trading against, and that’s why in this article we’ll discuss who we can come across when trading on the stock market.The largest group on the stock exchange are funds, the largest of which are pension funds, then hedge funds, a large component is also investment groups, banks or […]

What is the difference between trading and investing?

Using trading and investing, a huge number of people in the world have built absolute financial independence. So in this article we will look at how trading and investing differ from each other. The main difference is time. In trading we hold positions for a few minutes, hours or days while in investing we find […]

What is trading?

In this article you will learn a little more about what trading is, who it is suitable for and what to watch out for. Under the term trading, you can imagine short-term trades that can last from a few minutes to a few days or weeks. You buy and sell with the aim of making […]