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In a recent interview with Mikki, he mentioned three key characteristics that stood out as the driving forces behind his remarkable success: discipline, confidence, and a solid strategy. Discipline has been a cornerstone of Mikki’s trading approach. He emphasized the importance of adhering to a well-thought-out trading plan and sticking to it rigorously, even in […]

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The 1:1 Risk to Reward strategy, a tried-and-true method in the trading world, has once again demonstrated its effectiveness. This time, it’s our trader Aasha who has embraced this strategy, pushing her trading journey to new heights. With unwavering determination, she has set her sights on securing funding for a substantial $200,000 trading account, showcasing […]

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In the dynamic world of trading, reaching new heights is the ultimate goal for any Trader. At EverTrader, we take immense pride in our Traders’ achievements, and Raza is a shining example of what dedication, skill, and our Smart Money Concepts Strategy can achieve. Raza, one of our talented Traders, initially secured a $50,000 Funded […]

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In an exciting development, another skilled Trader from the Hedging community has joined the esteemed ranks of EverTrader. Shinta is a Trader with unique approach to trading, has stepped into the spotlight, and we can’t wait to share her insights and strategies with you through this account review. Shinta’s trading style is the subject of […]

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For most traders, a 10% profit might be seen as a significant achievement. However, for Martin, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. He sets his sights higher, much higher, and consistently proves that remarkable gains are not just within reach but well within his grasp. He has achieved 43.43% profits split. Martin’s trading prowess […]

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In the world of trading, discipline and guidance often make all the difference, and Tatenda’s story embodies this truth. Tatenda is not your typical high school graduate; he’s a young trader who, against the odds, has managed to turn his passion for the financial markets into a full-time career. With three years of experience under […]

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Meet Abdulrazak, a Trader whose journey is a testament to success in the financial markets. Focusing on the XAU/USD pair, also known as Gold/US Dollar, Abdulrazak employs a scalping strategy, capitalizing on short-term price fluctuations. In this video analysis, we’ll explore the secrets behind his triumph. Abdulrazak’s trading success is built on a foundation of […]

Full Time Teacher Gets FUNDED with EverTrader | Interview In the world of trading, few stories are as inspiring as that of Kashif, one of our disciplined Traders who achieved the remarkable feat of becoming funded while pursuing a full-time teaching career in a school in Pakistan. Kashif’s journey serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication. Kashif’s journey into trading […]

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