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What is Stoploss and how to set it in MetaTrader 4

In this article we will go step by step through what Stoploss is and how to set it up in MetaTrader 4. Stop loss is a risk management tool to increase the protection of your investments and is based on a pre-defined maximum loss that the trader is willing to accept. It is recommended to […]

The fall of Bitcoin

In this article we will take a look at the fall of the Bitcoin. We all know about a massive transaction from the TESLA owner Elon Musk. He bought $1.5 billion worth of btc in early 2021. When this happened the price of bitcoin skyrocketed. However, every rocket has to crash at some point. As […]

Why EverTrader?

EverTrader is a project that you may know under the old name Team TradeStreet. In this project, we try to find skilled traders who we teach to respect risk and trade profitably. But why EverTrader, you ask? The reason is simple. You bear no risk, you have the best conditions on the market and you […]

Christmas trading hours

During Christmas there is usually lower trading volume and liquidity. This is mainly because most traders and investors want to enjoy the Christmas holidays. You can find the trading hours for the period between 26.12.2022-3.1.2022 below.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail (support@evertrader.com) or by chat on the […]