Coming soon…

New trading platform

We have partnered with DXtrade, one of the market leaders in trading platforms. They have been developing trading platforms since 2002 and we will soon be offering you this great and robust platform along with TradingView charts!

Advanced charts from TradingView within the DXtrade platform

DXtrade offers over 80 indicators, advanced technical analysis tools, multiple chart views and links to a symbol watchlist. This advanced charting package allows you to perform technical analysis on multiple time frames simultaneously and trade directly from the chart.

Trade at super speed and manage your risk effectively.

Watchlists allow you to trade directly from the list and tile views, while quick buttons make it easy to apply pre-configured Stop Losses/Take Profits to your favourite symbols.

Gain deeper insight into your results and become a better trader

Trading Dashboard helps you analyse your trading performance and habits. You can use it to track your trading metrics such as intraday performance, risk/reward ratios, profit margins and holding times for profitable/losing trades. This great tool will help you focus more on what works for you and less on what doesn’t.

Control your risk with protection orders and a built-in calculator

You can manage risk by pre-configuring stop-loss/take-profit levels per symbol or by taking into account the percentage of the balance at risk when placing trades. The built-in calculator will show you exactly how much you will make or lose on the selected volume in advance.

Trade from the mobile app

Take your trading on the go with the professional mobile app. Analyse charts, enter orders, adjust stop losses and take profits. Track your results on your mobile phone.

Professional charts at your fingertips

We’ve optimised the charts for mobile devices so you can stay on top of the markets. DXtrade Mobile offers an interactive user experience, over 60 indicators and a variety of chart types.

Watchlists always at hand

Create watchlists and keep your list of favourite instruments at your fingertips.

We will be bringing this great trading platform to you soon.