How A Consistent, Profitable Trader Got Funded | Account Overview

Filip is an exceptional Trader known for his consistent and efficient approach in the financial markets. With a conservative trading style and a focus on capital preservation, he has showcased remarkable performance in Evaluation and excelled in his first funded account. Let’s explore Filip’s trading approach, evaluate his performance, and review his achievements.

Filip employs a conservative yet highly efficient trading style, emphasizing risk management and capital preservation. Through meticulous analysis of charts and market trends, he makes well-informed decisions that minimize losses and maximize profit potential. His disciplined execution and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics have consistently produced outstanding results, evident from his impressive Evaluation performance.

He has recently transitioned to his first funded account, marking a significant milestone in his trading journey. His meticulous approach and consistent performance carried over seamlessly. By staying true to his trading principles, he has delivered impressive results and solidified his reputation as a reliable and skilled Trader. Filip’s achievements in his funded account highlight his trading prowess and ability to navigate the complexities of financial markets, promising a bright future in the trading community.

Here you can go through his Trading Journal by yourself: 

EverTrader Phase 1

EverTrader Phase 2

EverTrader Funded Account

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