How this Trader got FUNDED + 10% Profit split

Rehmatullah, a dedicated Forex day trader, has emerged as a remarkable success story within the Evertrader community. Having recently completed the challenging Evertrader Evaluation process, he not only secured funding but also achieved a significant profit split, exceeding $1000. His journey is an inspiring testament to what can be achieved through disciplined trading strategies and unwavering determination.

In our latest video analysis, we delve into Rehmatullah’s trading history, aiming to uncover the key elements that have contributed to his impressive success. By closely examining his trades, viewers can gain valuable insights into his unique trading style and learn from his effective techniques. Rehmatullah’s story serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for aspiring traders, showcasing that with the right approach and dedication, financial success in the world of Forex trading is attainable.

Join us as we explore the specific trades and strategies that have propelled Rehmatullah to achieve a profit split exceeding $1000. This video analysis offers a window into the mindset and practices of a trader who has successfully navigated the challenges of Forex trading, providing invaluable lessons for those looking to embark on their own trading journey.

Feel empowered to navigate through his Trading Journal at your leisure:

Phase 1

Phase 2

EverTrader #1

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