How this trader got FUNDED + $2000 Profit split | Accounts Overview

Welcome to another captivating overview video presented by Alex. In this installment, we shift our attention to the remarkable journey of Enda from Ireland, who has recently reached a significant milestone with EverTrader. By securing funding and successfully completing his first profit split, Enda has achieved an impressive sum of approximately $2000, showcasing his talent and potential as a Trader.

Join us as Alex delves deep into Enda’s journey, uncovering the strategies and techniques that played a crucial role in his funding success and subsequent profitable outcome. By immersing yourself in Enda’s experience, you will gain invaluable insights and discover the steps he took to accomplish this remarkable milestone.

This insightful video is not to be missed, as we explore Enda’s inspiring story and shed light on the opportunities and rewards available through EverTrader. Prepare to be inspired by Enda’s achievement and learn valuable lessons that can ignite your own trading ambitions. Get ready to embrace the knowledge and motivation that this video provides as we embark on this enlightening journey together.

Take the opportunity to delve into his Trading Journal on your own:

Phase 1

Phase 2

EverTrader #1

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