How to get FUNDED on an EverAccount with $50,000? | Interview

Our new interview with our official trader, Tetyana, offers a fascinating insight into the world of trading. Tetyana shared with us her successful journey through the Evaluation on EverAccount with $50,000. This not only demonstrates her ability to manage risk and work with capital but also the diligence and discipline she puts into her trading.

During her first cycle at EverTrader, Tetyana told us how she familiarizes herself with the platform and what strategies she applies in her trading decisions. Interestingly, she also shared with us her initial mistakes, which were a valuable lesson and motivation for further improvement.

Tetyana also explained her current trading strategy and the symbols she prefers in her daily trading. Her approach is thoughtful and based on careful market research and analysis. And why did she choose EverTrader? According to her, it’s a combination of quality tools, a wide range of symbols, and professional support that helps her achieve her trading goals. This interview offers inspiration and insight for anyone interested in the world of financial markets and trading.

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