Interview with Successful Trader who Earned $3,752 in a Month

Trader Tomas recently passed the Evaluation on EverAccount with $50,000, and in the first month alone, he made profit of over $3,752, thanks to the EverTrader platform. Tomas began his active trading career a year ago, and since then, he has been most enthusiastic about searching for trading opportunities and closely monitoring price charts. However, his experiences have not always been favorable, although he draws lessons from them.

Tomas openly admits that he initially underestimated the importance of money management and opened positions that were too large. This led to his account being wiped out three times before he began to learn from his mistakes. Over time, he noticed that continuous education in trading is a key element of success.

His advice for novice traders is clear: pay attention to managing your finances and positions, and don’t hesitate to invest time in education. Tomas also emphasizes that despite his successes, trading is a continuous process of learning and improvement. He gladly shares his skills and insights in the hope of helping other traders on their path to success.

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