We solve the main problem of traders.

Our goal is to find skilled traders who can properly manage risk and trade profitably.

Traders experience the worst conditions at the beginning of their trading career. They have very little experience and no risk under control. They start with very little capital, and thus need to earn and multiply their account quickly.

This combination causes a trader to lose their account very quickly.

And even a trader who is already able to trade profitably, understands what they are doing, has proven strategies, and knows how to manage risk, as a result of small capital, they often break Money Management rules and start riskier trading than they would trade with a larger capital.

Traders often say: “I’ll just risk it now, I need to build more capital quickly, and then I’ll trade more safely.” In most cases, this doesn’t end well. They break their rules very quickly, end up in emotional pain, and lose most of their account. 

For this reason, we created the EverTrader project, which seeks and trains successful traders who have the opportunity to trade an EverAccount for our partner company. They get up to 90% share of the profits made, and we cover the losses.

They can trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, stock indices, or commodities, and the trading style and strategy are entirely up to the trader.

EverTrader thus solves 3 key things for the trader:

1) It teaches them to focus on risk thanks to defined controls set directly in our EverTrader application.

2) It relieves psychological tension during trading when the trader does not risk their earned money in the market and is not responsible for losses.

3) It provides capital of up to $400,000 with the possibility of increasing it during long-term cooperation, solving the problem of small capital and risky trading.

With such a large account and a profit target of just 10%, a profit of approximately $50,000 means an EverTrader would receive a share of up to $45,000.

All trading in EverTrader takes place on virtual accounts with a simulated real market environment. We then select trades from traders who successfully pass our EverTrader Evaluation program and copy them to the account of our partner company. This gives us more freedom to manage the overall risk of our account.

Then they can start trading.

After successful completion, the trader is offered a contract with our partner company, where they receive up to 90% of the profits, and we cover all losses.