We solve the main problem of traders.

Our goal is to find skilled traders who can manage risk and trade profitably.

Novice traders often face the most difficult conditions at the start of their trading career. They lack experience and have limited control over risk. They also start with minimal capital and need to quickly earn and multiply their account. This combination often leads to traders losing their accounts quickly.

Even a profitable trader with proven strategies and risk management skills may violate money management rules when trading with limited capital. Traders may take more risk than they would with more capital, thinking they need to build their funds quickly. However, this often leads to negative results. Traders who quickly break their rules often end up in emotional distress and lose most of their account.

To address this problem, we have created the EverTrader project. This project identifies and trains successful traders who are then given the opportunity to trade on an EverAccount for a prop firm. Traders receive up to 90% of the profits generated on their virtual account. They can trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, stock indices or commodities, and the trading style and strategy is entirely up to the trader.

EverTrader has three main benefits for traders:

Firstly, it teaches them to focus on risk management through defined control mechanisms within our application.
Secondly, it reduces the psychological tension of trading by allowing traders to avoid risking their own money on the market and being responsible for losses.

After signing the contract, the prop company provides the trader with virtual capital of up to USD 1 million. This solves the problem of low capital and risky trading.

Given the size of the account and a target profit of only 10%, a profit of around USD 50,000 would result in EverTrader receiving up to USD 45,000.

All trading on EverTrader takes place on virtual accounts with simulated real market conditions.

Upon successful Evaluation, the trader will be offered a contract with the prop company, entitling them to up to 90% of the profits they generate on their virtual EverAccount.




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