Over $12500 Profit with this Trading Strategy | Account Overview

In an exciting development, another skilled Trader from the Hedging community has joined the esteemed ranks of EverTrader. Shinta is a Trader with unique approach to trading, has stepped into the spotlight, and we can’t wait to share her insights and strategies with you through this account review.

Shinta’s trading style is the subject of much debate and intrigue within the trading community, and her account review promises to shed light on her methods and philosophies. Whether you’re an experienced Trader or just starting out, understanding different trading styles can be invaluable in developing your own strategies. Shinta’s journey with EverTrader is a testament to the platform’s commitment to nurturing diverse trading talents, and her insights are sure to provide a fresh perspective for Traders of all levels.

Stay tuned for this exclusive account analysis, where Alex will share her trading journey, strategies, and lessons we cam take away from her Trading Journal. It’s an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from a fellow Trader who has successfully navigated the challenges of the trading world, and it might just inspire you to approach your own trading endeavors in a new and innovative way. Don’t miss out on this exciting addition to the EverTrader community!

Here you can go through his Trading Journal by yourself: 

Phase 1

Phase 2

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