Phase 1 – Trading with a profit target of 10%

In this phase, you will demonstrate how you trade and whether you can properly manage risk and hit the profit target.

In Phase 1, you have up to 30 calendar days to meet all the rules. The goal will be to trade for a minimum of 5 Trading days, which are not required to be consecutive. Furthermore, you must not exceed the total drawdown of 10% and the daily drawdown of 5%. Your goal is to make a profit of at least 10%.

If you follow all the mentioned rules, and do not hit the Profit target of 10%, but your % profit is positive, then you will be entitled to repeat the phase for free.

Further, if you follow all the mentioned rules, and your profit is more than 5%, then we will extend your trading period by 14 days.

Do not forget that at each phase of trading, you will receive new login data, which you can find in Cockpit on the EverTrader platform.