Progressive plan

Our aim is to build a long-term partnership with our traders. If we see that you are consistent over time, we will gradually increase your capital according to our progressive plan. This will allow you to receive a share of the monthly profits you generate, while continually increasing your EverAccount balance. A larger account will allow you to earn higher profits for the same level of risk.

What do you get in our Progressive Plan?

What are the terms of the Progressive Plan?

If you are consistent, we will increase the size of your EverAccount. To qualify, you must make at least 10% profit for 4 consecutive months. This is 2.5% per month. You must make 2 withdrawals out of these 4 months. At the time of scale-up, the trader’s account balance must be higher than the initial account balance.

If you meet these conditions, we will increase your initial account size by 25% every 4 months, and with the first increase we will improve the profit distribution from 80/20 to 85/15.

On the second increase, we will increase the payout ratio to 90/10. This payout ratio will change for new accounts that meet the requirements. 

If you meet the requirements, we will increase the size of your EverAccount up to $1 million.

How to activate the Progressive Plan?

If you meet the requirements and would like to take advantage of our Progressive Plan, simply ask us to activate it when you withdraw. We will open a new EverAccount with a higher balance and set you up with a higher profit split for the next trading cycle.

What might it look like?

Below is an example of how we work together at EverTrader. Initially the share is 80% for you and 20% for us. If you continue to meet the above conditions, after 4 months your share will increase to 85/15 and we will increase your initial EverAccount by 25%. If you continue to trade consistently and comply with all the rules, your share will increase to 90/10 over the next 4 months and we will again increase your initial EverAccount by 25%.

Over the next 4 months you will receive a 90/10 share and we will increase your initial account capital by 25% on an ongoing basis, up to a maximum allocation of $1 million.

80% / 20%

EverAccount $200,000

85% / 15%

EverAccount +25%


90% / 10%

EverAccount +25%



In 4 months

In 8 months

Start of cooperation:

80% / 20%

TTS account 200 000 USD

In 3 months

85% / 15%

TTS account +20%

240 000 USD

In 6 months

90% / 10%

TTS account +20%

288 000 USD