She got FUNDED on her First Trading Account and Made Profit of $675 | Interview

We have an exclusive interview for you with Mrs. Dana, who successfully passed the EverTrader Evaluation on a EverAccount with $15,000 and achieved a profit of $675 in her first trading cycle. She is now in the second phase of our Evaluation for an EverAccount with $50,000.

In the interview, Dana shared that she has learned to appreciate the importance of discipline and patience in trading. Her strategy involves thorough research and market analysis before each trade. She also emphasizes proper risk management and places more emphasis on protecting her capital than on winning.

Dana also stresses that trading is a continuous learning process. Her advice for new traders is to persevere in their efforts and not to give up after initial setbacks. She recommends using a demo account for practice and honing their skills before investing real money.

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