Trading styles

Before you start trading, it’s important to make the right choice about which style suits you best. In this article you will find a summary of the trading styles you can practice.

  Generally the most profitable business style is swing trading. It is most profitable because the trade usually sticks for several days or weeks, giving you plenty of time to think about your entry, wait for your entry price and exit the trade in a controlled manner. In this case, you mostly watch the daily chart, the weekly chart for trend confirmation and e.g. 4 hour or hourly chart for correct timing of input and output.


Another style is Intraday trading. Here you trade on a few minute chart e.g. 1-5 minutes and open and close the store on the same day. With this style you may also come across the term scalping the markets. This term is used for trades that traders hold for only a few seconds.

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