What do you need to make a living trading?

There is no need to have a computer with multiple monitors to start with, you need to focus on one thing at a time, so multiple monitors would be more of a detriment than a benefit. At the moment, a laptop or a classic computer is sufficient.

You need to have enough capital to avoid too much risk, a workable strategy, know how the market works, money management and risk management and last but not least you need to learn to control your emotions.

“85% of accounts have losses”

You can see this phrase in most broker advertisements. It is for this reason that 85% of traders skip education and practice with a focus on risk management and mindlessly dive into trading.

After working with hundreds of traders, we believe that this number would be completely different if everyone had to go through a quality education and risk management practice first and then go to the live market.

There are big players in the market, such as funds, algorithms and professional traders who are ready to take money from those who start out without having studied and thought everything out in advance.

To sum it up, simply put, the most important thing you need is knowledge and skills.

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