Why EverTrader?

EverTrader is a project that you may know under the old name Team TradeStreet.

In this project, we try to find skilled traders who we teach to respect risk and trade profitably.

But why EverTrader, you ask? The reason is simple. You bear no risk, you have the best conditions on the market and you get professional tools at your disposal.

You literally cannot put your equity at risk in the EverTrader program.

 The road to successful trading is not easy, and we know that. That’s why we try to help solve the most important problem – low capital, which forces traders to take too many risks.


We will provide you with virtual capital from which you can take real profits. Trades take place on a demo account, so you bear no risk. You can find out how this cooperation works here: https://evertrader.com/cs/what-is-a-ts-account-and-how-does-it-work/

Our conditions are very favorable and you will not find better on the market.

Total drawdown (12%) and daily drawdown (5%) will teach you how to manage risk so as not to endanger your own capital.

Account valuation is also set favorably for our traders. In the 1st phase, your goal is to evaluate the account by 8%, in the 2nd phase only 6%. And once you become an EverTrader, there are no evaluation requirements. The only thing we check are drawdowns.

You will get our EverTrader Analyst application, which will make it easier for you to find trading opportunities. We will also give you a professional Trading diary, which will record all your good decisions, as well as your wrong ones. Plus, you can replay all trades and add your own note to each trade.

Of course, we are here to help you on your way. You have our support 7 days a week.

Want to know more about the EverTrader program? Feel free to contact us by e-mail (support@evertrader.com) or by chat on the website. https://evertrader.com

We will look forward to cooperation.


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