Are there limitations on trading macroeconomic news?

There are no news trading limits during Evaluation.

Once you become an official EverTrader, you can hold trades ove the news, but you cannot open or close any trades within 6 minutes before and 6 minutes after a high impact news report is issued.


Profit recognition:

Profits from trades that are opened at any time before a high impact news and are closed within 6 minutes before or 6 minutes after the event will be recognized. This rule allows swing traders who plan their trades in advance to benefit from their strategic decisions without penalty.


Profit reduction:

Profits from trades that are opened and closed within a 12-minute window around a high-impact news event (6 minutes before and 6 minutes after) will not be counted. However, the account will not be breached. This rule is intended to prevent short-term speculative trading based on news.


Here is an example of a list of macroeconomic events that a trader should watch:

  • FOMC Minutes
  • Fed Interest Rate
  • CPI
  • Crude Oil Inventories
  • Non-Farm Payrolls
  • Unemployment Rate
  • GDP Growth Rate