What is the EverTrader evaluation?

In order to become an EverTrader, get an EverAccount, and a Profit split of 80-90%, you need to successfully pass the EverTrader Evaluation program.

The EverTrader Evaluation program consists of 2 phases and is designed to help you become a better Trader, and show us if you can properly manage risk before you trade on an EverAccount. The strategy, trading style and which instruments (shares, stock indices, forex, crypto, commodities) you will trade are entirely up to you. We will only check Money Management and that you are following the rules.

In Phase 1, you will start trading with the goal of adhering to the set risk management rules and hitting the Profit target. You will have unlimited time to comply with the rules at this phase. A minimum of 3 days of trading is required. After fulfilling all the conditions of this phase, you proceed to Phase 2.

In Phase 2, the trading rules are easier than in Phase 1. Here, your goal will be to follow the same risk rules, but the Profit target is lower. You will also have unlimited time to comply with the rules. At least 3 trading days is also required.

After meeting all the conditions of this phase, you are offered a contract with our partner company. After signing, you will become an official EverTrader. You will then get an EverAccount in which you are eligible to 80-90% Profit split. You get your payouts every month or every 14 days.