What is EverTrader?

EverTrader is a company dedicated to the recruitment of traders. We offer training and Evaluation services to traders of all experience levels. Upon successful Evaluation, traders may be offered a contract with a proprietary trading firm. They can then trade on a virtual EverAccount with up to USD 200,000 and receive 80-90% of the real profits generated on the virtual EverAccount.

In addition, EverTrader clients can use the EverStation Pro trading platform and our analytical application, EverTrader Analyst, to identify the best trading opportunities, detect unusual market activity, analyse executed trades and gain practical experience in risk management.

They also have access to our professional trading journal and expert support seven days a week.

If a trader is consistent, they can take advantage of the progressive plan, which increases their profit share up to 90% and the capital in the EverAccount up to $1 million.

Profits can be paid monthly or every 14 days.