Why should I become an EverTrader?

The path to successful trading is challenging. Initially, traders may face difficulties due to limited capital. To generate a reasonable profit, traders with small capital may take excessive risks and trade impulsively. After experiencing a few unsuccessful trades, many new traders may feel anxious about losing their own money. They may also struggle with their own psyche, lack of discipline, and insufficient support from family and friends. Making a living from trading without sufficient capital, experience, and access to professional tools is challenging.

EverTrader project offers a comprehensive solution that includes access to professional tools, support throughout your journey, a trading platform, and the ability to manage an EverAccount up to $200,000. If you make a profit, you receive 80%, and the prop firm keeps 20%. With a long-term partnership, you can earn up to 90%.

Our program focuses primarily on risk because that’s the only thing traders can control. The EverTrader Evaluation Program is designed to help you manage risk correctly and become a better trader.