Why should I become an EverTrader?

The path to successful trading is not easy. We have been through it ourselves. In the beginning, traders often struggle with the fact that they have little capital. To make some reasonable profits, having little capital forces them to take too many risks and trade impulsively. After a few unsuccessful trades, many new traders will feel the fear of losing their own money, they will struggle with their own psyche, lack of discipline, and often get no support from other people, family, and friends. Making a living trading without having enough capital, experience, and access to the tools that professional traders use is not easy at all.

At EverTrader, you get everything under one roof. You will receive professional tools, support throughout your journey, a trading platform, and the ability to manage an EverAccount of up to $200,000. If you make profits, we will pay you 80% and keep 20%. For longer-term cooperation, we will pay you up to 90%. You are not exposed to any risk because we cover all possible losses.

In our program, we focus mostly on risk, because that is the only thing we can control as traders. Our EverTrader Evaluation Program is designed to help you manage risk properly.